Interested in bringing the Petting Zoo to your local school or community event? Please fill out our request form below:

(Please note that an organized/educational Instrument Petting Zoo visit, such as at a school, can only accommodate 25 participants during a single, 30 minute session.)
*Please note that the Instrument Petting Zoo requires 40 minutes for set-up.

Where will the event occur?

Please note that an outdoor petting zoo visit does require some sort of shelter or covering and is subject to cancellation because of weather conditions.

The Winston-Salem Symphony Instrument Petting Zoo is a completely volunteer run program. All scheduled visits are determined based on volunteer availability. Because each instrument petting zoo visit requires a great deal of administrative coordination, any instrument petting zoo cancellation on the part of the requesting organization/group that is not weather related (snow/severe weather) will result in the organization/group being billed for a $50.00 cancellation fee.